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A Daughter.

Born to Bob and Ruth. “Adopted” by John and Ann when Laura Wensley became Laura Rider. A constant source of joy. A thoughtful girl who grew into a courageous woman.

A Sister.

Sandwiched between Rob and Chris. Rob loved teaching “Bird” to be tough - on and off the court. Chris milked the 12-years-younger-baby-brother status, yet loved being purposefully included into Laura’s life. And, after being the only girl for years, she loved having five sisters-in-law!

A Friend.

Gifted in making you feel as if you’re the most important person in the world. Fun, compassionate and gracious. Approachable, gentle, willing to speak truth in love. Up for an adventure or for a long, honest talk.

An Athlete.

The “MJ” of the Webster High School and the SUNY Potsdam basketball teams. A later-in-life runner who ran a physical race like she ran her spiritual one - with dedication and perseverance, with the goal in mind, yet with an appreciation and joy for the journey.

A Wife.

Crafted perfectly for John, and he perfectly for her. A brightly shining example of how God designed marriage to be, of how sacrificial love, passion and companionship are intended to combine and produce something precious.

A Teacher.

Created to teach, whether in the classroom or at home. From California to upstate New York to State Road School in Webster, hundreds of children have been blessed by her natural skill, her nurturing spirit and her genuine and deep love for learning.

A Mother.

Her life-long dream. Expertly balanced discipline and grace, independence and snuggles, laughter and seriousness. Knew her true role: “I know my kids will be great adults because they are great kids. And I have done my job well in that I have prayed and prayed over them.”

A Servant.

Generous in every sense of the word. Committed to excellence, whether that was being a Young Life leader, a parent volunteer at Dewitt Road, or children’s ministries teacher at church.

A Precious Child of the King of Kings.

Above all. Above all these titles and roles, Laura was – and is and forever will be – a daughter of Her King, Her Abba Father. This was her highest calling, most important role, the key to her abundant life on earth. Job well done, Laura Rider. Job well done.

Laura Wensley Rider
(August 22, 1972 - December 22, 2011)

At Laura’s request and in her honor, The Ana Duo Charitable Fund has been established. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support for ministries and other not-for-profit organizations. Whether that’s supporting a missionary, providing funding for a new program or service to be launched, or sending a Young Life kid to camp for a week, The Ana Duo Charitable Fund is designed to help resource the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Why Has Laura Requested This?

Ana Duo is the Greek term for “two-by-two” and it is the God-designed way the disciples were sent out to share Christ’s message of hope and life. It is also the way Laura lived her life. The Ana Duo Charitable Fund is one way of continuing the legacy of joyfully partnering with others to live out God’s Masterfully Designed Plan.

How Will this Fund Operate?

At least once per year, The Fund will send out a request for proposals to not-for-profit organizations. An advisory board will prayerfully consider all proposals submitted and provide funding on a case-by-case basis.

How Can You Make a Donation?

You may write a check to the: National Christian Foundation with the name “Ana Duo” in the memo line and mail it to:
Ana Duo Fund
c/o Kristie Rush
44 Graystone Lane
Orchard Park, NY 14127

Or you may click on the “Donate Now” button.
All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

During the final few months of Laura's life, Kristie Rush took up the challenge to capture in words the essence of countless conversations that these two best friends had about who God is, about what He promises, about the depth of hope He offers. The result is a 10-week women's bible study that doesn't focus on cancer, that doesn't focus on Laura, but rather focuses on God and 36 statements He makes about who He is and what He does.

Statements of hope. Statements of promise.

Statements that we need to know at any time in our lives. But statements that we need to know - I mean, really know in the depths of our being - when we are faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges and difficulties.

So while Kristie's name may appear on the front cover...

and Laura's voice, words and wisdom are all throughout this study, their fervent prayer is that you will clearly hear His voice the loudest. May you be comforted, challenged and encouraged and may it point you to a deeper trust in the God whom Laura knew, loved and served with whole-hearted devotion until her very last breath on earth.

The View Beyond The Hill


Ana Duo Fund
c/o Kristie Rush
44 Graystone Lane
Orchard Park, NY 14127


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